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microFidelity Audio Amplifier, Model 200

Audio Amplifier

Audio Amplifier


The Model 200 is an ultra-small power audio amplifier. Despite delivering 150 Watts of power, the Model 200 is no bigger than a deck of cards. It can be hidden or placed for everyone to see almost anywhere without taking up the space of traditional amplifiers. Despite it's small size, the Model 200 offers astounding audio performance at 115 dB dynamic range and is suited even for the most demanding application.

This state-of-the-art mini amplifier delivers the energy efficiency of today's best digital class-D audio amplifiers while at the same time offering far lower audio distortion at only 0.04 %. The Model 200 offers the flexibility of operating either as a stereo amplifier or alternatively as a monoblock and thus can easily adapt to almost any scenario.

It's aluminium chassis itself provides enough cooling. No built-in fans or additional cooling are necessary. All you will hear is the music.

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Output power

Mono: 1 x 150 W (peak), 1 x 80 W (rms)
Stereo: 2 x 40 W (rms)



Dynamic range / Signal-to-noise ratio

Mono: 115 dBA
Stereo: 112 dBA



Frequency response

1 Hz ... 70 kHz @ 8 Ω


Total harmonic distortion (THD+N)

Mono: 0.04 % @ 50 W, 1 kHz
Stereo: 0.04 % @ 20 W, 1 kHz


Power efficiency

93 %


Channel separation

77 dB


Idle power consumption

< 2 W



3-9/16 " (W) x 3-7/16 " (D) x 3/4 " (H)
91 mm (W) x 86 mm (D) x 19 mm (H)





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Customer Testimonials




"I have purchased an A100 Micro amp and am very pleased with its performance. To my ears it sounds warm and well balanced, even through my age old loudspeakers, a Philips full range woofer-horn combination plus cross-overs from 1976... thanks for the great design!"
 Robert D., Netherlands


"I just received my microfidelity model 100 amplifier. I am really enjoying it. It sounds like my father's old vacuum tube receiver. It's currently connected to my xbox 360. It sounds amazing. Sounds in games and movies i have never noticed before can be heard."
 John M., USA


"I love these little amplifiers. They blow my current receiver away. I hope you continue to distribute these."
 Chad H., USA


"I also found the little stereo amp to be excellent."
 Sam C., USA




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Audio Amplifier


Model 200 Stereo Application:

Audio Amplifier

Model 200 Mono Application:

Audio Amplifier





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