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2. Product Specifications
Amphony reserves the right to make changes to product specifications and product designs. The product specifications and pictures provided on this web site may differ from the actual product performance and appearance. Amphony will from time to time issue revisions of the specifications provided on this web site to reflect such design changes.

3. Product Purchase

Purchase of products on this web site is subject to Amphony's terms of sale, which are available from Amphony as well as the product return policy published on this web site. Amphony's product warranty is published in the user manuals which are available for download at this web site.

4. Software Downloads
By downloading and installing software from this web site, you agree and shall comply with the terms of the license agreement enclosed with the software.

5. Online Product Support

Amphony provides product support through the support section on this web site. Amphony will reply to support inquiries within a reasonable amount of time. Amphony may in addition at it's sole discretion provide support by telephone or other forms.

6. Dealer Locator
The dealer locator on this web site is provided to help you purchase our products locally. We shall not be responsible for mistakes in the information provided in the dealer locator nor for the performance of any retailer listed in the dealer locator. Specifically we cannot issue refunds to you for products purchased from a local retailer nor directly ship replacement products to you.


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