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5.8 GHz Digital Wireless Headphones, Model 2500


Amphony's top-of-the-line model combines the best of digital wireless audio transmission with the best of headphone technology. As a result, the Model 2500 Digital Wireless Headphones achieve audiophile sound reproduction and eliminates any noise or audio distortion by using digital audio transmission. The Model 2500 wireless headphones offer an extended audio frequency response and excels at reproducing every subtle nuance of your favorite songs. The velours ear cushions and adjustable headband ensure a comfortable fit. The closed design attenuate external noise for a perfect listening experience.

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Wireless Transmitter




Audio transmission




Transmitter frequency

5.8 GHz



Dynamic range / Signal-to-noise ratio

100 dB 1)



Channel separation

100 dB 1)



Harmonic distortion

-90 dB 1)



Error correction

1/2 rate FEC



Audio sampling

128 x oversampling



Max. audio input level

0.2 ... 10 Vrms (adjustable)



Transmitted data rate

> 3 Mbps



Operating range

Max. 200 ft. (60 m) line of sight,
max. 50 ft. (20 m) through walls








Dynamic, closed



Frequency response

10 Hz ... 23 kHz



Max. sound pressure

120 dB


Operating time

Max. 100 hours with 2 AA batteries


1) Specifications are valid with use of digital audio input




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Customer Testimonials




"These are the best wireless headphones I have ever had. They are in a different league."
  Andrew D., USA



"I recieved the headphones a couple of days ago and they are fantastic!! The range is superb & sound quality is brilliant.. i can't take them off!!"
  Christian B., Australia



"Your products are phenomenal."
  Fred S., USA



"The sound quality was excellent, even from analog source material. They were very comfortable. Frequency response was clearly better than others, distortion was very low. Noise was totally absent, a clear difference from other brands... So now I have great sound quality, no noise, and I can walk anywhere in a 50 foot radius with no reception problems at all. Thank you for providing these headphones!"
  Jim Z., USA


"I have had your model 2500 headphones for sometime now and they are great - the envy of my underlings!"
  Jim H., USA


"Thank you for a great sounding product!"
  James O., USA


"By the way, best headphones that I have ever had!"
  Patricia A., USA


"I have since bought a second (Audio Research) digi wireless and the sound is not as good as the Amphony."
  Robert B., USA


"I am very pleased with the quality of the H2500 sound. I would recommend the H2500 to any music fan because of the sound quality (resulting from digital transmission) and convenience of the wireless connection. I have a top end analogue headset but it suffers from various shsshing effects as I move. The H2500 is immune from this."
  Graham G., USA


"Wonderful Product."
  Geert K., USA


"I am very satisfied with these phones, it's still early but I would recommend them."
  Paul R., Canada


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