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iFinityTM Wireless Music System

Create a multi-zone wireless audio network in your house without spending a fortune. Transmit music from your iPod, home audio receiver or PC anywhere in your house or outdoors. Amphony's Wireless Music System gives you the ultimate freedom without you having to wire your home for audio.

Similar to a Sonos zone player, music is streamed uncompressed in a digital format which retains full CD quality. Up to 4 wireless receivers or speakers can pick up the signal from a transmitter anywhere in your home. The wireless receivers connect to any active speaker or power amplifier.

With Amphony's Wireless Music System, you can create multiple audio zones in your house by installing additional transmitters. Each wireless receiver can be paired with each zone transmitter with the simple push of a button. The wireless signal uses advanced adaptive frequency hopping and is highly resistant to radio interference.

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iFinity Wireless Transmitter




Audio transmission

Digital, uncompressed, adaptive FHSS



Transmitter frequency

2.4 GHz



Operating range

max. 600 ft. line of sight
max. 150 ft. through walls and ceilings



Max. number of wireless receivers




Frequency response

20 Hz - 20 kHz



Signal-to-noise ratio

91 dB (A weighted)



Total harmonic distortion

typ. -90 dB



Channel separation

typ. 90 dB



Transmitted data rate

5 Mbps



iFinity Wireless Receiver




Output level

1 Vrms (unamplified line-level)




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Wireless Music System Application:



Set up your speakers without
wires with Amphony´s line of
5.8 GHz Wireless Speaker Kits

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