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Multi-Channel Wireless Audio Transmitter, Model 800



Make all of your speakers wireless with the  Model 800 Wireless Audio Transmitter. Ideal for 7.1 home theater systems: the transmitter transmits four channels of audio. You can make your rear speakers and your side speakers wireless or transmit to two rear speakers and a subwoofer.

The Model 800 transmits to up to 4 Model 800 wireless receivers and Model 880 wireless amplifiers. No more running long speaker cables. Set up your home theater speakers or speakers in another room without a big cabling project. Simply purchase as many wireless receivers and wireless amplifiers as you need.

The multi-channel transmitter will send the music to the wireless receivers and amplifiers up to 300 feet. You will enjoy true CD quality with uncompressed digital wireless audio. Each Model 800 wireless receiver has a stereo RCA output and connect to any active speaker, subwoofer or power amplifier. Each model 880 wireless amplifier has a mono speaker amplifier built in and connects directly to any passive loudspeaker. The built-in amplifier delivers the efficiency of conventional class-D amplifiers while at the same time delivering far lower audio distortion.

The wireless receivers and amplifiers measure only 5 x 3.5 x 2 inches and are easily mountable to a speaker.

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Model 800 Wireless Transmitter




Audio transmission

Digital, bidirectional, adaptive FHSS



Transmitter frequency

2.4 GHz



Number of wireless audio channels




Operating range

Max. 300 ft. (100 m) line of sight
max. 60 ft. (20 m) through walls



Max. number of wireless devices




Audio inputs

4 x speaker-level input
2 x stereo line-level input



Signal-to-noise ratio

typ. 91 dB (A-weighted)



Frequency response

2 Hz - 20 kHz



Total harmonic distortion

typ. -90 dB (0.003%)




6.1" x 4.5" x 2.6" (155 mm x 115 mm x 65 mm)



Model 800 Wireless Receiver




Output level

1 Vrms (stereo line level output)



Frequency response

2 Hz ... 20 kHz



Signal-to-noise ratio

typ. 91 dB (A weighted)


Total harmonic distortion (THD+N)

0.003 %


Channel separation

90 dB



Model 880 Wireless Amplifier




Output power

80 Wrms (amplified mono speaker output)



Frequency response

2 Hz ... 20 kHz



Signal-to-noise ratio

typ. 91 dB (transmitter / amplifier: A weighted)


Total harmonic distortion (THD+N)

0.04 %


Power efficiency

90 %



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How-To Video




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Customer Testimonials Model 1550




"I recently purchased the Amphony L1550 wireless system. It is awesome!!! The fidelity is equal to a wired setup... Thanks for a great product."
 Herbert E., USA



"I received the transmitter/amplifiers and they work great. The sound quality is excellent."
 Bob W., USA



"I have had excellent experience with Amphony and highly recommend them. The amplifiers sound superb, and as the email states, solve a difficult installation problem for me. They are a noiseless, high fidelity, high dynamic range, high power, wireless solution."
 Tim P., USA



"Many thanks for the delivery of the Amphony 1550. I am really incredibly impressed with the product - the sound quality is brilliant, and transmission flawless."
 Corin M., USA



"I recently bought the 1550 transmitter. What a great product. I use it for my rear surround speakers. Zero interference, excellent reproduction."
 Jeff P., USA



"I recently purchased a model 1550 transmitter/amplifier combination. I set them up with a pair of Polk Monitor 70 speakers. They sound very good."
 David S., USA




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